First of all, I don't know what I'm doing, so my mixed results may be my own confusion! The first time, I tried it as close to DEL's instructions as possible. It took almost 20 minutes to spritz. I have a LOT of hair and my mister may be too stingy with volume of spray. I used GVP CB (which is new for me) and a lot of LOOC as LI to smooth out frizz so my hair ended up producty but did dry a little quicker. GVP may not be heavy enough and I probably shouldn't have tried so many new things at once.

The second time, I modified the idea. I lightly wet hair under the faucet and put on DT overnight. In the morning, I used the DT as co-wash, added an ACV rinse, then applied the usual. My hair was dripping wet and it's drying quicker than normal! There's still frizz, but that may just be my hair. I'm happy with baby steps! Thanks for the idea DEL!!
Coarse, thiiiick, porous, drrrry, 2c, dislikes proteins, likes ACV!
Suave or V05 for co-wash, Garnier Nutrise triple nutrition and sleek & shine, Matrix Biolage conditioning balm, FSG and LA Looks sports gel.

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