I tried this Sunday am and it worked really well for me.

I used the opportunity to do a protein DT as the first applied product to very damp hair.

I let it sit for 20 minutes then got in the shower, rinsed a little bit; scrubbed my scalp with lo'poo and rinsed completely and then used a mild ACV rinse. I added a teeny bit of moisturising RO and then plopped for a couple of minutes before I added my LI.

Results: drying time- cut down by at least 50% maybe more. My very porous hair usually takes between 6-8 hours to air dry with sufficient product to keep down the frizz and poof. Hair was completely dry by the 3-4 hour mark.

My waves/curls were much more defined and there was less frizz. I got a compliment from almost everybody I know that day, which never usually happens.

So I think I need to use more LI possibly mixed with CK to add hold and maybe this will be my new routine. I couldn't get 2nd day hair because I don't think I used enough LI and I had very light floaty dandelion fluff hair the next morning.

I'm getting some of the damaged parts cut off Wed. (about 6 inches) so we'll see if this can make my hair even better over the next few days...here's hoping.

Del2C; I'm so glad you posted this method as I think it's been the secret I've been looking for. I'm almost pleased with my hair for the first time since January. I'm hoping for better things after my hair cut.
shoulder length inverted bob; fine; 3A-3B; med-thick density; normal porosity; normal elasticity- my hair loves keratin, ACV, silk protein ,Curlkeeper and AG:Recoil ; seems to hate moisturizing products and oils except mineral oil; CG- Jan/'09-mod CG Sept/'09;CG again Jan/'10/mod CG from Mar'10

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