This is great I'm trying it for a second time and wow my hair feels so hydrated and soft.

I have dry hair and live in a year round dry place Yikes!

I have pre pooed with Oil before, But I like this 10x better!!!

Spritizing my hair before I apply the pre-poo/conditioner really makes all the difference.

Today I applied a mix of yogurt,coconut oil,hibiscus, and Trade Joes N&S with plastic cap and a knit cap. ( to hide the plastic & warm things up a bit).

After I washed today, my hair felt soft & moist!!!!
I apply my conditioner as usual, but wow, can I tell the diff. THIS IS A MUST FOR POROUS/ DRY HEADS
3c, fine, porous,MBL
Pre: EVCO Poo: GTTT DC:AO GPB, TJ Nourish Spa+EVOO
LI: Cantu Shea butter LI, YesToCarrots,(AVJ+H2O) Spritz
Style: AVG, Eco Seal: Qp Mango & Olive oil, Shea AloeMix