FRIZZLY and Curly J I'm so glad this is a GO! belasuna I was hoping you would give this a whirl keeping my fingers crossed
It took almost 20 minutes to spritz. I have a LOT of hair and my mister may be too stingy with volume of spray. I used GVP CB (which is new for me) and a lot of LOOC as LI to smooth out frizz so my hair ended up producty but did dry a little quicker. GVP may not be heavy enough and I probably shouldn't have tried so many new things at once.
Mushroom you need a new spritzer. I got mine at Walmart in the trial sizes. It gives a heavy spray to wet quickly I spend maybe 2-3 mins! Believe me I have A TON of thick coarse hair.

Gen uses GVP I never have for the spritz part but I've used a little GVP as needed for a rinse out. Maybe try a different condish? Make sure you use some for a rinse out if you're at all hesitant of how your hair feels. If I'm not 100% it has enough slip I add just a teaspoon or less and it makes all the difference.
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