I read this on the Natural Haven:
Coconut oil reduces swelling of the hair shaft when the hair is immersed into water


Now maybe for porous heads we're creating the same kind of effect by doing this with conditioner. This is a good thing because we're trying to keep our cuticle from swelling. For Non-porous they may need water to penetrate and get effective conditioning.
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First post ... had to reply that I will be trying this S/C method. Yesterday I planned to touch up my roots, so after reading on the color board about using coconut oil before coloring hair, I always use that method lately... so I slather coconut all over, wait bout an hour then proceed to touch up with hair color, rinse it out, then used ocean breeze to co-wash... left it on about 15 minutes to make sure it takes care of the oil, rinsed and applied Natures Gate, rinsed and did a ACV rinse... blotted and applied FSG... I got beautiful soft defined waves... bouncy! A bit of frizz though, so no point in working it out cuz I was on my way to bed... point here being that it all makes sense now, I am porous, and never would have thought that how much water gets in the hair shaft could make any kind of difference, that's why I'm just LOVING this board, you take working with hair to a whole other level! Thank you Del.