Well, I checked out of the library the book "Going Gray Looking Great" and decided that's not for me, at least not for a long while.

I feel the author didn't or couldn't make a strong enough case in favor of going gray. The women she features in her book are not average, everyday ones and in order for them to look glamorous they had to have an expensive stylist give them modern cuts, which I'm sure is not very realistic for most of her readers which are only going to look like an older version of their former selves.

Also, she mentions several times all the prejudice in society against it so, frankly, other than avoiding the "hassle" of retouches I don't see what I could gain by accepting what to me is the only sign of growing old we can have any control over. I've always enjoyed coloring my hair, even though it was usually for the sake of change, and ever since my mother decided to start covering her gray I began to appreciate the advantage of living in these times (thank you Clairol!). So I will continue to exercise this privilege for as long as I can, gray hair would be absolutely boring and depressing for me.
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