I, too, share the problems associated with waviness. I have gorgeous ringlets in the front. I have pretty waves in the top layer on the sides and in the back, clumpy and pretty consistent in pattern.

Then the bottom. Oh, god. There must be something wrong!! It barely does anything! I am lucky if it is even 2A at the bottom. Forget about ringlets, forget about any texture! Luckily it is mostly hidden by all the other hair...but boy do I hate it!

I thought I would love FSG. I did...for 2 days! Then my hair became limp with barely any wave. Tried it under LA looks sports gel...even worse! I seem to consistently like ArcAngell and BRHG but I am constantly worried that my hair will just stop liking them.

No hair is easy though. Straight hair, wavy, curly, kinky...they all have their problems. We just have to learn to deal I guess. I just know I am not ready to give up on my ringlets. :]