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Well, I still haven't colored!

I'm finding that as my hair gets longer I like it better. I am disappointed that it isn't more starkly contrasting black and white (it is really salt and pepper with a decent white streak up front, and lots of pepper in the back). My scalp is damaged and still itches whenever I think of coloring. But mostly I'm thankful I don't have to color, be concerned about my roots.

I'm reading the posts about makeup and coloring. My coloring has absolutely changed. The VERY golden undertone has mellowed- but not quite disappeared. I used to wear makeup every day to work, but decided to stop years ago. I've never worn foundation. I wore lipstick and blush, and rarely because of allergies, mascara. Now, I find if I use my lipstick (now a lovely rosey color instead of orange) on my cheeks it doubles as blush. My eyes are wanting definition, too, so I smudge a bit of liner around them.

I don't look like I did 3 years ago, let alone 10 years ago. But by God I feel good about myself!
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