You can get life insurance on someone else without them knowing about it? That doesn't seem right. Couldn't you then murder them and collect the benefits (Not YOU Scrills, just in general)?
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HA!! yeah it doesn't like good that the last 2 threads I started at

1) serial killers in Cleveland
2) getting a life insurance policy on someone without them knowing it

It wouldn't be a big policy, just enough to cover the funeral and the mountain of legal fees I will have sorting out my father's affairs. He lives a complicated life and no one knows who owns what. plus he is living with a woman (they've exchanged rings but they aren't legally married). My dad has agreed (but we haven't done it yet) to give me power of attorney upon death so that I can be in charge of taking care of everything.

again, my dad isn't sick, but with the relatives fighting over how to bury my cousin this week, i realize that I need to think about it. he wanted something simple (cremation), but in their grief, his kids want to have a big funeral/viewing