I'm still quite new to the site, but I believe I have a type 2b, cut in layers, to upper mid-back length. When showering I finger comb the tangles out of my hair and don't use a comb or brush once out of the shower. I gather my hair and pile it on the top of my head, and don't use a towel, then just wring out the excess moisture but leave it still sorta dripping damp, too dry and the product won't spread well to coat evenly.

I add 6-8 pumps of PM Round Trip to the length of my hair, and 6-8 pumps to the crown/top of my head, lightly coating and covering my hair trying to fuss as little possible with disturbing my hair (no leave-in for me or my hair gets weighed down). Then I hang my head upside down, gather all my hair and squish and scrunch my hair so that I can feel the water moisture and the product just kind of coating my hair evenly. I top it of with the PM Soft Spray Gel then get my diffuser on low heat, and low speed and dry away. Dry time is decreased and my curls are together, defined, and frizz free!!!

Finishing touch when I'm done is using the PM Freeze and Shine spray (might have had a name change but I can't remember right now) I get soft, touchable, shiny, and GOOD hold. Going through an entire overhaul of my hair care regime, I'm so happy my curls are happy again. I previously used CatWalk products, which I loved but they just stopped working on me. I hope this helps any readers!