If anyone I love dies and I get to plan the funeral, they're getting: a casket from Costco (or a piece of plywood and a bolt of linen to wrap), a viewing and memorial service in my living room, a trip to the crematory in the back of my truck, and a vase for the ashes from Pier1 Outlet. Total cost: under $500.
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your choice which you are entitled to. everyone doesn't feel that way. there are certain costs even to be cremated (i don't know what they are) but i suspect it's at least in the hundreds.

plus that's your view on how you would handle a loved one. what if it was you that passed? does your family know that you'd want the bare bones in burial and even if they do, do they have your estimated $500 to cover it? what if you and your hubby passed together such as a car accident? would your kids be able to (financially) and know how to take care of you and your husbands burial? do they not need any money other than what's in your bank account currently to survive in the short and long term? insurance is clearly for those left behind, not the person who has died so i see it as a way to limit someone burden should i pass.

***eta these were all rhetorical questions that do not need to be answered, just posed for discussion purposes.***
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