so i got my curlmart order (it was delivered to a friends house in america and it was brought over by a friend) i had a bottle of arc angell and it is full to the top of the bottle. but my TWO bottles of SIF spray arent full. they're not empty but neither goes past the curved top of the bottle. instead the liquid stops at the top of the label - thats at least an inch worth of bottle not full and for the price of the stuff it seems a bit of a rip off.

whilst i'm not bitter i do think its a bit stingy. i thought it might have been a fluke but its in BOTH my bottles. has anyone else noticed this?


here's a pic i took of my two bottles of SIF:

password: curlywurly
its the last photo in that album

whilst my flatmate said they may have leaked in the post, there is no stickiness anywhere and its suspicious that both are at exactly the same level.

so why on the curlmart site does the bottle show liquid going up a few centimetres from the top?

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