this pic is taken from the CurlMart website. the thin black lines shows where you can very faintly see the liquid stopping - its slightly more white than the bottle. and it's where you'd expect the liquid to stop.

the thick black line is where the liquid stops in both my bottles. i'm not exagerating. it doesnts top AT the sticker but BELOW it. it is really about an inch work of bottle that isn't full.

i am very angry at this am i being over the top? i'd expect a bottle of new product to be full - thats easily a few weeks worth of spray from both bottles missing.

cleanse: OS shampoo. PureNuffStuff cleanser.
condition: Aussie 3MM. Jessicurl Aloeba.
style: B2Basics GreenTeaGel. T&G Curl Balm. JCarter Nourish&Shine.

pw: curlywurly