Maci, if the air has gotten drier as the weather has gotten cooler, you may need to avoid humectants for the winter, at least in your leave-ins and stylers. What is the current dewpoint where you live? (You can find it on most of the weather sites that give current temps, etc).
Wavy, fine texture, med/high porosity (?), med density
2cFii on the Fia System

Current products
Low-poo: JC GLS or JC HCC
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coconut (also do water-wash)
Rinse-out: AO GPB, Mop C Hydrating Conditioner
Leave-in: KCKT
Stylers: BB FSG, BRHG, JC Oil Blend, BB Hemp, Grapeseed, & Clary Sage Hair and Body Butter
Deep treatments: Nexxus Emergencee PT, Jessicurl WDT
Occasional ACV rinses

mod-CG since June, 2009