I've been transitioning since June . . . so I guess it's been about 5 months. Anyway, I am currently having a rough go of it. I'm soooooo tired of this straight stuff on the ends messing up my fro! lol

I've been working with some of the products I've read about to soften & condition my natural hair; I can see the improvement! It's no longer "hard & foreign"! LOL

My true dilemma is that I've had serious breakage right in the middle of my damn head--illness & medication were the culprits. If only I'd known about tying my hair up when laying down months ago!!!! So, that is kinda messing up my flow . . . you can only do so much with a hole in ya fro. So, I'm patiently waiting for the "spot" to grow in so I can just cut everything down to meet it!

I will not give up! lol I've been wanting to go natural forever, but would always say "later". Well, now is the time . . . and I found all these wonderful natural hair blogs and that let me know I'm on the right track.

Glad to have a place to say all this . . .