I used to get tons of compliments when I was younger. But nothing in the last few years, but then again I don't really get out too much. Then In the last week 3 compliments!!

The first one came from one of my sisters at Thanksgiving. She said my hair looked great and asked what I'd been doing to it. I told her just different products. I didn't want to tell her I spent the entire morning obsessing over it and had about ton of gel in it. My family well they all spend 4 hours in the morning getting ready, and are very quick to point out the slightest flaw. So this was very nice.

Then on Monday, I got one from my son's speech therapist, and the following day I got one from my other son's Develemental Therapist, both saying my hair was gorgeous and how much they wish it was their hair.

So very good week for me!!