My motivator was not fitting into my 'fat' pants. I was getting really depressed and the dress I bought for my cousins wedding didnt fit. It was bad. I was physically discusted with myself.

What helped me was being deployed in Iraq without anything else to do. I ballooned the month before I left becuase I knew I would loose it in Iraq so I came here the heaviest in my life, but now I have an excersise routine and a good eating plan that I dont plan on giving up once Im home. SO in a sense Im lucky because I dont have the distractions and temptations that I do back home, but now I know the benefits of eating well and going to the gym regularly so...

(Now its all good, my 'skinny' jeans are loose and I may have to go down another size and Im toned becuase Im not eating all the fatty foods, I used to think I could eat whatever if I was hitting the gym...but now I know better and even with a bum leg and on painkillers everyday I feel like the healthiest Ive ever been!)

Possibly unwanted advice: Dont get discouraged if it doesnt come off overnight, it takes time and patience. Good luck!
"Someday love will find you...break those chains that bind you!!"