Hair Biography

Curl Pattern: FIA: 2cFii
Texture: fine/medium
Porosity: medium;high where highlighted
Density: medium
Elasticity: normal;low where highlighted
Characteristics: curlier on the canopy than underneath, gets curlier as it gets longer, forms long stretched out spirals, loves humidity

CG/ModCG/not CG: Mod

Hair ingredient likes: protein, honeyquat, aloe vera, agave nectar, botanical extracts

Hair ingredient dislikes: mineral oil, plastic polymers,

Hard/Soft Water: soft, it's mountain water

Average climate/dew points: dry, dews in winter: teens to low 20's, practically zero at times, dews in summer: ~20-30

Fall/Winter combos: co-wash/leave-in/curl enhancer/holding gel/hair butter to seal in moisture; PT & DT weekly

Spring/Summer combos: co-wash or low-poo/curl enhancer/holding gel; lots of protein

Favorite styling techniques and why: mix fave curl enhancer and gel into a nice cocktail and rake through wet hair; for clumpage add more water then do a mini-plop (use a t-shirt or soft towel to gently press hair to the head to remove excess water without disturbing curls too much); for volume diffuse upside down and scrunch away; Spritz with protein mist or moisture mist when hair needs a pick-me-up; pineapple at night; Flexi-8's for any up-do's including ponytails (doesn't break my hair)
Techniques that didn’t work and why: Air drying only (no volume) Full on plop: I think my hair is too short to plop right now, and my curls look all weird. Clipping my roots: because I'm "clip challenged" and cannot manage to do this without getting all tangled up in the clips. Rinsing upside down: water gets in my nose, and I don't see a difference from when I rinse standing straight up.

Hair Twins: wavy wonder (before the haircut)
FIA: 2cFii

Lady Crispina, Confector of Pharmaceutria and Conjurer of Exquisitus JuJu, in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

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