Gosh thanks guys!!!

That's really nice of you!I think I actually got the idea of mixing AOMM with something else from kathymack or maybe Frizzbgone? I can't specifically remember (maybe they'll chime in here) but it very much helped me with the BRHG which is so sticky and just didn't want to distribute well. That led to using too much of it which led to hard scrunching and oddly hard curls....I really love the AOMM mixed with it too! It goes on so nice and you can use the right amount of BRHG w/o worry. I think AOMM also provides a bit extra moisturizing as well which is nice!

I also very much appreciate this board--I would be lost without it. It's my home away from home!!

Wow you all made my day!
I feel like it's a !
Originally Posted by Alexjoujou
LOL...I get so excited when something works so well. I know you lovely ladies will get it...the guys at home...not so much...lol. I just had to share and let you know you're appreciated.
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