Don't know what to do. I'm mixed, so my hair is naturally very dry. I use a lot of conditioner. I find the more I use, the softer it feels and the more it hangs down the way I like it.. But people sometimes say that it feels greasy when they tousle it. I want touchable hair, but I still want to keep the greatness of the conditioner!! What to do? Could this be related to the fact that I use less leave in then rinse out conditioner?
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greasy? maybe they're feeling the leftover condition and are mistaking it for grease... I don't know if there is greasy dry curly hair...
Hair Type: 3B and/or 3C depending.
Conditioner: Suave Naturals (Coconut and Tangerine)
Products:Lustrasilk Shea Butter Mango Plus
Too bad HEHH has a cone-it gives great slip.
Sometimes use Honey, Olive oil and condish as a DT
Need a cg gel (can't wait till I get to Sally's!)