Hair Biography

Curl Pattern:2aFii
Texture: baby-fine to fine
Porosity: low to low-normal
Density: I have a LOT of hair, but medium ponytail
Elasticity: low
Characteristics: flat top/no root curl, easy to straighten, prone to frizz and lacks volume

CG/ModCG/not CG: mostly CG (occasionally use ApHogee 2-Step) and currently investigating low/no-poos due to hard water

Hair ingredient likes: protein, oils/butter (especially coconut oil and shea butter)
Hair ingredient dislikes: straight olive oil

Hard/Soft Water: hard

HG/Go-to Products: FSG, EcoStyler Krystal. Still working on a HG harder hold gel. La Bella Ultimate Hold has the best hold/root lift, but producty feeling. But your hair will stand up for days...literally.

Average climate/dew points: just moved here to the SE GA coast, but they are like N. FL (humid)

Fall/Winter combos: Still working on this. I either get great volume but more frizz than I want, or shine and no volume nor hold.
Spring/Summer combos: ?

Favorite styling techniques and why: Spritz & Condish; modified icequeen method (for LIs and styling, not in the shower); SSM for products like EcoStyler; pixiecurl diffusing for volume and curl enhancement
Techniques that didn’t work and why: Plopping. I still use it, but that's just because it gets my hair out of my face so I can do my makeup. Air drying is good for my hair's health, but not for root lift.

Hair Twins: Working on it!

11-13-2009 Edited to add elasticity
12-2-2009 Edited to change CG status
2aFii, low porosity, protein!
Color treated (blonde, but darned grays!)
COwash: Suave, V05, Salon Care Honey Almond
CO: GVPCB, LVNPG, GFTN, HSH Pumpkin, Aura Cherry Almond Bark
DTs: Lustrasilk SM, GVPCB
PTs: Aphogee 2-step, ION Effective Care inbetween
LIs/Stylers: Any of my COs, FSG, EcoStyler Krystal, LOOC, shea butter to SOTC

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