I think my issue is I am not happy with the way it looks. My face is longish and heart shaped and my Deva Cut seems rectangular. It really drags me down and makes me look older. I am supposed to wait another month for a cut. Maybe it will be shaped differently as my old butchered cut grows out more or maybe Deva Cuts are not for me. I hope the latter is not the case though!
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I was really feeling like you before I got my hair cut last week. I have an oval shaped face which supposedly can take just about any style (is that right or am I making that up??). Anyways, as my hair got longer and pulled out the wave/curl at the top I felt dragged down too. Now that I have some fullness on the sides and my top is fuller because it is not being pulled by the length I feel much perkier. Can you get just a trim maybe?
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