Maybe people are used to the way my hair looks and that is why. BUT I also think my hairstyle doesn't flatter my heart shaped face. The style kinds of drags my face down. I think a style for a heart shaped face should either frame it or somehow make the face shape look more oval. I am an artist and a bit of a perfectionist and it really seems off to me. Granted, I am growing out a bad cut but it shouldn't take a year to find a flattering look!

Wavy, why on earth would your husband say that to you?? How did you respond to him when he said that?
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I wasn't offended....hmmm, maybe I should have been. i don't know, i asked what he thought of my hair that particular day and he sort of beat around the bush and said it. But when i question him....NOOOOOO he doesn't want to talk further about it. I don't get it , for sure. Especially when i see a hot girl with hot curls and for him to say Ehh says something. oh well, I like um.. the curls, I mean oh and i guess the hubs ,too
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My SO is not a lover of curly hair. I think it is just his personality. He likes neat and I think to him curly has the appearance of messy. But, I do not cater to his like of straight hair either so he must have decided he liked the curly hair enough to stick it out. We have been together for 10 years and out of those 10 years my hair has probably been blown out or straightened maybe 20 times. I do not think we have to love everything about our significant other but as long as the good parts outweigh the parts we do not like so much-we are good.
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yeah, I think he thinks it looks messy... especially on days I don't really do anything with it. And it's always the same. I don't think he hates it by any means, although, him saying, "it's not flattering on you", pretty much means.... hmmm.