hi, i live in high humidity and my hair is very thick-stranded (puffy) and rough texture. i blow my hair out sometimes into big curls. it seems i need cones to prevent a very dry, puffy, frizzy look. i haven't used any cones for a year. but i tried one this week again and my hair looked a lot better and held the style without getting really wiry or frizzy looking.

i feel also that i need some lo poo (creme of nature brand) or else my scalp burns badly after a 5 days without a low poo (i had only been using cowash or no poo brand for a few months and the burning of my scalp concerned me (probably due to high humidity and i exercise also). it seems i get a film on my scalp that i can feel if i only use conditioners to cleanse. thank you for your advice! i do not want to improperly condition my hair.
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Have a look at this article http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlre...p-on-silicones. (you will be able to lo poo to get rid of them) It will tell you what silicones need what to remove them. Remember that we all want to find out what works for us - even if you use cones you can still take good care of your hair
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