I've been using a non-sulfate shampoo and condish with cones for years and years and have very healthy hair (I bought them from my hair salon so they are upper-end products in Japan - and this is before I knew anything about sulfates and cones).

But now that I am saying goodbye to permed straight hair, I'm switching to CG-friendly brands (no sulfates, no cones).

From what I understand, even good cones can weigh your hair down making it difficult to hold your natural curl.
CG since Nov 15

Fia : 2cMii
NT : 2b/3a?

Growing out straight perm so half my head is wavy curly and the other is bone straight (lopped off half my hair Oct 28 )

Med texture / Normal porosity / Normal elasticity / Medium density
Tends to be a bit dry

Currently trying out:
John Masters Organics
Curl Keeper