I'm wondering if some of this might be cause by the product. I've changed my routine lately and I've had really good results with it. I've been getting out of the shower with my hair sopping wet - don't even wring it out in the shower and then scrunching in a fair amount of conditioner (using as a leave in). Then I don't comb it or anyting - just wrap it up for about ten minutes to get the water out of it. When I take it down I position the curls to either side of my part and either leave it or diffuse it for more volume. This has given me really great hair. I've been using the GFTN as a leave in but I've noticed my curls are really skinny. I decided to try a different conditioner as a leave in last night. I used the Aldi's knock off of the co balm. It gave me some fat curls but mostly just undefined fluff. Tonight I'm going to try the GF sleek and shine conditioner and see what it does. I don't mind the skinny curls that much but would like it if they were just a bit fatter. But I think the product might have something to do with my results. Not saying that's the case for everyone but it's something to consider.
CG - 3/27/09
3b - dry - medium texture/medium porosity!
Co wash/rinseout/leave in: currently auditioning products
Styling: lube and BRHG