I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but raking gives my stringy curls. I have to smooth and then scrunch in products.
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I agree. When I rake in a product my curls get weighed down and stringy. It's better for me to first shake the curl into my hair and then scrunch the product in. Scrunching works better if you start from the bottom and scrunch upwards towards the root. Also, I think the less product you use, the less likely you are to end up with stringy and weighed down curls.
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Sorry, hijaking but several people here said they scrunch in, not rake, including iamdonna, who has long hair...

I can't figure out how people do this without getting messy hair.

If you don't rake products through, or comb after shower how are you getting product on evenly and not in spots? And how are you not ending up with one big messy mat of hair?

I've not found any way to get even application without sectioning and raking, and haven't figured out how to not comb or finger-comb while styling, scrunch-in just seems to make a mess. My daughter with the thin and fine hair can scrunch-in after combing (not comb gel thru) but she doesn't have much hair, some of y'all have lots and I'd like to know how you accomplish the scrunch-in without causing uneven application and tangling.[/quote

I only comb and detangle (with condish) in the shower with water running thru my hair.
Never ever attempt to comb or brush otherwise.
Upside down with dripping wet hair I apply products.
Smoothing, scrunching, and squishing to distribute.
It seems to result in even application. If I think not I spray water on it and squish and scrunch some more.
Plop for about 5-10 mins so it doesn't drip all over me. Arrange my part and spay a bit more water if I have to then air dry for while & diffuse to perk things up. (about 75% dry). Pinapple and go to bed.
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