I've been using DevaCare ArcAngel and am starting to like it quite a bit.
It has some plusses and minuses: it's not as firm as the Graham Webb - so second day hair isn't a guarantee. On the other hand, my current haircut is not so good, so i'm not sure if the problem is the gel or my hair. I also could probably use a bit more, but i don't like really stiff hair, so I haven't really tried that.
It's more water soluble, so if i wanted to do the no poo thing, i'd have a much easier time since it seems to wash out really easily. I'm not doing that, but i like being able to wash it off my hands without lots of soap.
My hair feels shiny and healthy with it, so while it's not a perfect replacement, i'm not miserable.
i don't like some of the other Deva products, so i'm glad i like this one.
I'd love to hear what replacements other people have found....