Because I have said it so many times before, I forgot to mention I used the ORIGINAL A.L., before that silicone was added; by looking at the list you posted here they changed/added other things too. I still have one bottle of the old one from the "stash" I bought when it was discontinued and I still like it a lot. I've been "studying" labels of other "natural" Cos out there and as of yet haven't seen one that I feel could be like A.L. so I've even been thinking of making my own.

My wash CO, Lustrasilk Cholesterol Treatment with Tea Tree Oil (which also had peppermint oil and 3 vegetable oils) was also changed, now it contains mineral oil, for which reason I can't buy either now.

However, I've recently used products with that 'cone (and others) and just do a vinegar rinse after a couple of times and haven't had need to shampoo.

It's just too bad the website where I got info about oils dissolving 'cones (and plastic resins) it's not up anymore because it would've been great if you could see for yourself why some oils work for this purpose. While I was using Lustrasilk I never clarified and I never had a problem with build-up of any kind. After reading that article I realized my lucky choice of that CO for washing had kept my hair build-up free.
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