Hair Biography
Curl Pattern: 2c
Texture: coarse, finer on top, sides, and near hairline
Porosity: honestly have no idea, probably normal to high
Density: thick
Elasticity: normal
Characteristics: canopy is straighter and finer than the rest. at first i thought it was heat/sun exposure damage, but now i'm pretty sure it's just different hair. i do get some ringlets/clumps underneath. the rest is stringlets.

CG/ModCG/not CG: modified. i co-wash every other day (i do not wet my hair at all on the other days), and low-poo approximately once a week. it just feels best to me. although i really have no idea if i ever truly transitioned. i never went through a greasy period.

Hair ingredient likes: i really don't know any specifics. i honestly haven't experimented enough to know. the way i handle my hair seems to affect it's behavior more so than what i put on it. i do need fairly heavy rinse outs all the time, otherwise my hair is completely unmanageable.
Hair ingredient dislikes: i don't like pvp (don't really care what my hair thinks, lol). it leaves a film on my hands when i touch my hair after using it and i can't stand that. i hate that producty feel with a passion. so i look for gels without it. no brhg for me!

Hard/Soft Water: probably hard, i'm pretty sure it's not soft. no easy lathering or slick feeling on my skin after showering.

HG/Go-to Products: they're all in my sig

Average climate/dew points: well we just moved here this summer (i am literally in the heart of the midwest in northeast kansas), so i'm not sure yet. summers get pretty humid, and winters seem like they are very dry. currently it is 50 degrees with 82% humidity and a dew point of 7.

Fall/Winter combos: so far i haven't changed anything and have had no noticeable problems. i'm not outside much except when running and i don't really care what my hair looks like then, haha. my hair is pretty resilient. it also seems to behave best in drier, low-dew weather.
Spring/Summer combos: i will probably try harder to combat humidity come next spring/summer. i had just gone cg near the end of summer this year so i didn't have too much time to experiment.

Favorite styling techniques and why: not combing my hair and plopping seem to enhance my wave. and i must must must use gel or mousse with decent hold every time i wet my hair. if i go without product my head turns into a disaster zone. i try to air dry as long as i can stand the cold and wetness, then diffuse the rest of the way. i always wash at night, so it must be almost completely dry before i sleep on it.
Techniques that didnít work and why: not really a fan of curl cremes. they seem to mix poorly with my gels and create the dreaded cottage cheese. i don't like a lot of product in my hair anyway so they were easy to give up. combing my hair after showering pulls out my canopy wave, so i don't (unless i'm trying to see how much it's grown). i also have had no success with pineappling, it gives me an awful bend in my canopy, which is no good since that's the hardest part of my hair to get to curl properly.

Hair Twins: the only other person i know with my exact hair is my sister. we are not close, however, so she is neither cg nor on this board, lol. i've seen a few people here with pics that resemble mine, but unfortunately no true twins.