This is my first week doing the no shampoo thing.

Three nights ago, I decided to Deep Condition over night with the Love is in the Hair recipe. I used the full amount of extra-virgin olive oil with Silk Elements (no alcohol!) conditioner.
The next day at noon I rinsed it out, cleansed with conditioner, rinsed, then applied a little conditioner thinking that the more often I leave conditioner in, the more hydrated my hair will get.

My hair was SOOOO oily and almost matted-like. I gave it a few hours. That night I deep conditioned with a mixture of lemon juice and conditioner. After rinsing that out in the morning, my hair was just as oily, dull, and heavy as before. It just sat there looking limp and sick. So I soaked it in Apple Cider Vinegar. That made it a bit squeaky. But was still as lifeless and oily as before.

I finally shampooed it with a very diluted amount of shampoo. No success or difference. OK....

Then I was so frustrated and fed up that I applied full strength shampoo to it and massaged it in for at least 6 minutes.

It now looks a bit better, but is still retains a very noticable amount of oil.

What did I do wrong?

What can I do to get those soft, bouncy, vibrant curls?

I'll do just about anything... just not use any form of grease or fat on my hair!!!!!