Not thinking about it.

Seriously, when I used to obsess over everything it did me no good at all. I just decided one day to take it one meal at a time, do the best I could, move on to the next meal, ad nausem. After a while you realize, "Hey! It's been a month and I am doing really well!"

I think it also helped that I was already deep into an exercising routine before I decided to tackle the food aspect of things. I also didn't stress over that either.

My thinking with the exercise was "OK, I am NOT doing this to lose weight, I am doing it to keep my heart and mind strong and healthy, stay firm, sleep better, improve my mood, keep my skin looking great and to stay flexible." Once it became part of my life regularly (5 to 6 days a week on a good week - at least 3 times during a "bad" week, which is still better than most people) then I began to think about how I was eating.

I didn't weigh myself when I was just doing the exercise either, I am normally not big on using the scale anyway since I always weight more than what I look like, which was another issue I had to tackle and get over. Once I realized what my healthy weight was and how good it looked, the numbers didn't matter to me anymore - I knew where I needed to stay to be healthy and happy with myself.

I started monitoring my weight closely only after I started my eating plan (which in my case was Weight Watchers [the point program] on-line, since I had a newborn and could not get to meetings at the time - I do my exercising at home too, I just prefer to be by myself when focusing on my body and mind. I can't deal with the schedules and distraction of other people, but that is just a personal thing, you do what works for you). Once I got to my goal weight, I did the unthinkable, I WEIGHTED MYSELF EVERY DAY. I know, I know, everyone says don't do that, but for me it worked because if I was up a couple of lbs. I knew what I needed to do for the next couple of days to take care of it. In my experience, if I do the once a week thing, it's not as effective for me, just hopping on the scale first thing in the a.m. helps me set smaller, daily goals that are easier to meet and the progress is seen within the next day or two, which is a good motivator for me, as opposed to waiting a week.

I am 8 months pregnant now with my second child and as soon as I give birth I am getting right back into my WW plan and exercise routine again. I am not even worried about losing the weight this time around and that is immensely satisfing to me to know that I know what I need to do and CAN do it.

So, I am not saying you need to follow my path but definitely do what feels right and works for you, even if it means trying (and failing) at a couple of different things. Oh, and don't try to do too much at one time, baby steps seem to be the way to go.

Good luck!
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Coconut oil before/after coloring grays and on ends.

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