CurlyCowgirly- From what I've read, be careful with that much ACV. Too much can damage your hair. I've always seen recipes with a proportion of 1 or 2 tbsp to a cup of water. The massage with oil is probably helping your scalp more than the acv, that's my guess anyway. I'm not much of an expert.
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Wow, I've always put about 4T ACV per 1c water and don't have any problems. I wonder if it's over time that ACV can ruin your hair. I'll be more careful! I've been kinda bad at remembering to massage my scalp w/ jojoba everyday, but I think what helped the most was to stop CO-washing and just do water rinses between low-poo's.
I'm not sure if it's something in Suave Naturals CO causing the itchiness/flakiness, but I haven't had ANY scalp issues since the day I stopped CO-washing and did the ACV/epsom rinse.

My daughter has had very stubborn acne on her forehead and I'm going to CVS to get some Nizoral since I think it might be fungal related.
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Tell us if it works! That's an interesting experiment!
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