I am in a constant search for the ideal hairspray, which is defined as such:

1. Low build-up because I don't shampoo
2. Medium to firm hold
3. No animal ingredients (silk, honey, etc)
4. Smells decent
5. Quick drying
6. Did I mention low build-up?
7. No cones
8. Doesn't make my hair feel like straw
9. Preferably no parabens

The best I've found is Tigi Curls Rock Hairspray, which does have a semi-soluble cone in it, but it doesn't dry my hair out to no end. I wish it volumized a bit more, however, as my hair is *really* fine and my curls like to fall away into nothingness if they don't have support.

So what sprays have you all have luck with?
3A fine, growing out from a mohawk
As of 1/07:
Top 7"
Sides 3.5"
JC Aloeba, TooShea (1x wk.), Cleansing Cream (1-2x wk.), RR, CCSS, Kenra Volume Spray, Joico JoiWhip
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