are there online instructions because I don't understand why it would be $185 and come with NO SUGGESTIONS or instructions as to how to use each of the different parts. Even the cheap $20 blowdryer from Sally's comes with some instructions on how to use and care for it.

Does anyone believe it is worth $185? What was the pre-sell price again?
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Honestly, I think it is only worth it if it produces the results you want - so far for me, it has. I have a $30 blowdryer that has been sitting on my shelf for a long time because I had to airdry to avoid frizz. I do agree that it is ridiculous that there are no instructions; even a professional stylist most likely has never worked with this type of dryer. I have experimented on my own & have found that the key for my type of hair (lots of 3b, some 3a & thick) is that you need to hold it steady in one spot at a time & not move it around too much - also on low speed, high heat has worked for me. I would not even know who to call to complain about the lack of instructions.