I read a book called "Intuitive Eating." I stopped counting points, calories, etc...I eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it, don't place "being bad" associtions with any kind of food, full fat, low fat, high sugar, whatever.

I have lost some weight, of course not as fast as when I was on WW, however, I feel better about food in general. I hated telling myself that I couldn't, or tellng others, I can't have that...why can't I? Of course I can. And now, knowing that, half the time I don't WANT those things, you know?

I have also found that if I eat something with real butter or sugar instead of the fake stuff, I feel better, too. Some of that fake stuff out there is HORRIBLE for you. I don't eat Splenda anymore, I don't drink much soda (maybe 8oz a day), and I don't drink coffee.

Adding exercise is key, too.