What did it for me was hittting the same weight as my husband! My eyes were forced opened. I knew I had been gaining weight, Ever since I gor married 15 years ago, its been a couple of pounds a year until I got to be 55 pounds overweight. I'd been saying I was going to lose the weight and every once in a while I'd lose 10 pounds then eventually gain it back.

This time when I hit that 179 and knew I didn't want to see 180, I accepted that I needed help. I thought about it long and hard and it took actual courage to make the call to my local Jenny Craig Center. I bought the food then and there, told my husband that he wasn't allowed to tempt me or ask me to go out to eat and I started exercising with a vengence.

No It wasn't easy, no it wasn't fast (its been over a year) and no I'm not done yet. I've had lots of plateaus and various periods (like now during the holidays) where between work and weather, I just can't get to the gym. But I will get these last 10 pounds off after the New Year. I've taken 40+ off and will ge thtose last 10 as soon as I can find the motivation I have seemed to misplaced

Good Luck, we're pulling for you!