Having said that..I think a lot of white women get pressure to straighten as well though. Because straight hair is often thought of as more attactive.
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and then, there is "Millionaire Matchmaker" herself who tells women to straighten their hair if they want to get a man.
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I wish Patti Stanger (the Millionaire Matchmaker) would cut the crap. This is more about HER and her projection than it really is about men and what they really want..otherwise she wouldn't be so harsh about it.

And I mean come on....she flat irons the pure hell out of her hair so that Jewfro won't show. So she's projecting and needs to stop acting like curly hair is unattractive simply because SHE doesn't feel attractive as her natural self.

There are men that like curly hair and there are even some that PREFER it. My husband prefers curly hair on women in general. He was NUTS about Elaine's hair from Seinfeld when it first came on. He didn't care for when Julia Louis Dreyfus changed her hair.

He always told me that he wished I didn't ever straighten my hair when I used to do it. Now I wear it curly all the time much to his relief! LOL! He's always touching it and looking at it way more than he did when I had it straight. I am proud of my Jewfro! Given, the damn top flops down and I can't get my full Jewfro on as much as I would like! ROFL! But I digress...

So Stanger needs to just let the men choose.. and the women keep their hair how they want.. a man can see if he likes something or not. It's not like if he picks a woman and she's straightened her hair..he won't find out she's naturally curly ANYWAY eventually if they continue to see one another.. DUH!