When I used to live in Florida most of the girls were Caucasian and had nice silky straight hair so me being one of the only latinas in the school (I'm Dominican) I was teasted terribly in school for having curly hair one boy actually cut some of my hair off because he hated it so much, I always came home crying because I wished I had straight hair.. Our society is messed up since when is curly hair "bad hair" people need to stop being delusional and put down the flat iron =]
Length- mid-back; long layers -shorter in front
Thick 2/3b normal porosity. My hair likes creme & gel combos.
Currently using:
  • Garnier Fructis for curls
  • Suave gel
  • Co wash: Vo5 condish
CG as of june 19, 09'

are SO much more fun to play with ^^