I don't think that wavy or curly hair is as rare in the white world as the media would have us believe . I see a lot of white women walking around with straightened or flat ironed hair. A lot of these women probably have very little curl compared to the rest of of us but I think that a lot of white women still feel pressure to straighten their hair.

My entire family on my dad's side has curly hair. 2A to 3C. My Aunt, who is an idiot, and has 2bish looking hair, once made the comment, "Kristin is such a pretty girl, it is unfortunate that she has that bad hair." I know that she is racist and I believe that this is where her ideas about come from.

I have felt pressure from the women on that side of my family to straighten my hair. Luckily I have a bunch of people like my mother, father and husband who think my hair is beautiful.

I am white, but I often identify with the things that are said on the 4 boards by the African American women about reactions to their hair. I often feel like I need to flat iron my hair for an interview. I hate that.

I hate "good hair/bad hair" I love all natural hair. It is so beautiful and god given. I hate the stupid ideas and restrictions we place on each other. Even I trick myself into believing that I am more beautiful with straight hair sometimes.
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Hard water!

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