Hi everyone! I'm new to Naturally Curly but not new to the hair forums like LHC, and LHCF Some of you know me already.

But anyhow, my concern is my daughter's very curly hair. I use argan oil in her hair to loosen up the curl and to moisturize. I hate the greasy look and it absorbs really well and keeps her frizzies away. Which I am really happy about because now I don't have to use all those hair creams, and un-natural concoctions I have been buying anymore.

I use a Jean Pierre brush and it seems to work pretty okay and it's one of my favorite brushes. But are there are other brushes that would be good to comb out her well really easily? Like her curls are similar to Shirley Temple curls. and she's of a mixed racial background, being both italian, african american and (black) guyanese. Maybe that helps. Thanks!