I'm just plain sick of the whole process lately. About a month ago I got REALLY good hair to the point where I didn't wash it for five days! I forgot what I did to get it that way. Now I'm trying everything and bought two different conditioners to replace my non-existent LVPNG with little luck. I hate buying something that doesn't work and wasting my $$....even if it is only a few bucks.

I am a creature of habit. I like to do the same thing to my hair every time and get it to look the same all the time. But no. Every day is different. I have to force my hair to do what I want. I have to switch things around to coincide with the weather.

I want to wake up and have my bed head look sexy and not like rats live there.


By the way, what do you ladies use for clumps? I've been using LOOB for awhile and I think it's losing its power. Any suggestions?
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