Hey everybody. New member here
Anyway, I have had a problem that I can't resolve in regards to my hair. I posted it over at longhaircommunity but nobody there could figure it out. It's really frustrating.. anyway, here's what it is! (sorry for the long read)

I decided that my hair was too dry to continue SLS shampoos (as well as silicons) a few months ago, so I tried out a few things- natural shampoos, ACV washes, and co-washes. They worked really well for a while. One product in particular was amazing- Matrix's Biolage Conditioning Balm. I couldn't believe how soft this stuff made my hair- as well as the way it looked. I'm a male (shaggy hair), so my hair is not really something i notice too much but this product stood out to me. I was so happy with how this, as well as not using SLS prodcuts, benefited my hair. I used a lot of this conditioner after my ACV washes or natural shampoo washes.

However, after about a month, I started noticing that my hair had a strange build-up in it, only on the top of my head (ya know, that spot where men usually start balding). My hair was lying flat and straight. I also noticed that my hair started to have a slight offensive smell to it. I tried washing this stuff out with my non-SLS methods but it wouldn't come out. Eventually it got worse and I couldn't take it anymore. My hair (usually wavy and thick) now felt waxy and straight. Keep in mind , this was only on the top of my head, on a few clumps of hair. I thought it was the dreaded "transition period" but the next thing i did proved this wrong.
I got fed up and gave in to SLS again. I washed my hair with "normal" SLS shampoo, expecting this stuff to come out- but it didn't. A few days later, I washed again, really drying out my hair. but it was still there the second i stepped out of the shower.
A month later, I have tried many many things-
washed with dish washing detergent; hot oil treatments; different SLS shampoos; baking soda washes; etc....

And my hair still has this in it!!! Even the second after washing with DISH WASHING DETERGENT, I looked in the mirror and it was still there!! This stuff won't come out! And it is now obvious that it's not jsut on the top part of my hair anymore. Now my hair everywhere has the feel/look of being overconditioned. It's straight, thin, waxy, and not clean feeling. My waves/curls are not defined or not even there for some matter. When I shake my head, my hair doesnt fly around like it used to before this.

What the hell do I do?!!?!?

I know this is really bad, but I tried scraping some of it out with a butter knife, and when i do, a white powder-type material comes off. It almost resembles a tiny particle of dust (btw- it's NOT dandruff).

This stuff is not on my scalp, just on my hair...
The only explanation I can come up with is that it was caused by the over-richness of the Biolage Conditioning Balm (knew it was too good to be true).
I'm guessing it kinda sealed my hair and made it un-permeable, because it won't wash out and sometimes my hair still smells funky after washing it with shampoo..

P.S- I'll post a pic if you all want.