Thanks! I swear there's frizz that you can't see in the photos, they look loads better than irl but hey. I haven't really figured out how to tame the frizz and dampening seems to make it worse...I want to try one of those satin sleep sacks that you've got instead of pineappling. I try to tie a silk scarf around my head but it falls off. Pineappling also makes my hair so wonky in the front and I have to dampen to tame the wonky hair and then I get more frizz.
I never ever in a million years thought my curls would last overnight. I think over the past week or so I've sussed it out, though, between good advice and flexi 8 clips.

Thanks to all of you...and I do 2nd the yay for hair porn, I love seeing pics, and I don't know why but I do. Just out of curiousity rcc- have you ever cut your hair short? I went from about your length about 9 years ago and cut it to around ear length. I think I scared the pants of my stylist. I've decided I'm going to try to grow it long again so that I can donate to locks of I just miss having such long hair, and if I can do this without having to wet and style everyday this would be so doable. Your hair is gorgeous. Plus I love red hair.
No cones since 08/25/09. Occasional low poo.
Fine, normal to low porosity (still not sure which), ii, 3a/3b curls
Playing with products: HEBE Mousse, BRHG, AOMM, HESMU. Nothing blows my mind just yet.

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