Same here. I was shocked to see just how moderate I am really. lol
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I know what you mean. I was a little surprised myself.

I also believe it's hard for some (especially here!) to accept that there are many facets to people's political and ideological affiliations, especially when one identifies as a conservative or libertarian.

It's frustrating how many assumptions have been made about my positions on subjects I've never even posted about, just because I vote Republican. *le sigh*

*guano* Best wishes on the upcoming birth of your baby, Rheanna. You must be very excited to be coming to the home stretch!
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This is a very liberal board, as I'm sure you've noticed. So, I think those of us that lean to the conservative side are looked at as crazy right wing nutjobs by a lot of the posters here.

Anyway. I do like this test because it looks at the various aspects of political beliefs, as you mentioned, and not just a right-left line.

And thank you! I am very excited! Ready to be done being pregnant!
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Actually, I can only think of two people that I'd consider to be "wing-nuts" for the right, and neither has posted on this thread.
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