I'm sorry that it didn't work. I've used this method in the past on clients and my own kids and it did work. Maybe try a dandruff shampoo. The olive oil won't hurt your hair it will be pre poo type conditioning treatment, or like a hot oil treatment. Regarding the fine tooth comb. Just a regular comb with the teeth really close together. The trick is to have the oil loosen up the sebum buildup and using the fine toothed comb to loosen it further and gently work it off the scalp in the affected area. Please don't use dishwashing detergent on your hair its way harsh and will strip it of any moisture and make your hair dry and frizzy.

I wish you luck with resolving this and maybe give the dandruff shampoo a try, just something like tegrin, head and shoulders, or selsun blue. This could be a case of seborrea dermatitis. It just means that the sebum is building up in a area, its nothing serious or to worry about dandruff shampoos particularly Tegrin or Selsun Blue would be good choices for that. I think Selsun now has a natural type line.

Take care

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