I love this site! so helpful :-)

I've lurked for a few years and never registered until recently....

and I have finally decided to post!

I also *minutes ago* got a fokti album set up :-)

I'm wondering what type hair I might have (I have read the curly girl book btw)...I can't tell. I think I have various types. I used to have tighter curls than I do now. I've bleached my hair several several times over the past two years. I've had bright red, dark red, blue, green, pink, purple and orange hair (not all at once!) sometimes separately, sometimes in combinations
I'd say threeB too, but I would color again if I were you , you look awesome especially with the blue, it totally make yor eyes just pop.
most of my curls are about half an inch or less, some slightly bigger than that. others are closer to an inch and a few are past that (at least on some days....I think it depends on what I do with my hair or how long I go without washing....)

aaaaaanyway, I bleached the front parts way more than the rest so they are WAY less curly which is disappointing to me. I hate the front of my hair now. because of that, I dyed it brown and am leaving it alone now. probably not for good especially since I have about six tubes of dye left lol but I'm leaving it alone for quite a while :-p

anyway, thanks so much guys!
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