I wasn't getting any instant notifications so hence my delayed reply. Thanks everyone!

I just want to brush out her hair, so it isn't notty or tangled. It looks really bushy when it's all knotted up. Like the back of her hair rubs against her clothes and winter clothes don't help either. (It's getting cold up here, and we're in the Toronto, Canada area).

I can't exactly be in the shower with her to do her hair, so when she gets out, I just brush it out while it's damp and oil it at the same time. The argan oil helps a whole lot, and now I don't have to use all those chemicals creams and garbage, because it doesn't frizz up, but just thought there might be better brushes I could be using. I like the Jean Pierre one but would be open to buying another one especially for those small tangles that get stuck together.

It easily blows out, but I'm not into having her have straight hair. I want to see those curls, as they naturally are.