Got a big tub, from colorado O."s of seamollient.I\To add to FSG(havent done that yet)been off on a commercial gel kick, but ready to go back to my"no buildup" FSG.I amsensitive to many ingrediants, and have food allergys as well.Had trouble finding a body lotion ,that wouldnt break me ou.Found Hugo's organics.all esental oils,extracts.yummy scents,no breakouts(hives,or acne) but didnt moisturize taht great. Added seamollient. Made it better in every way, spreadability, moisturising.Added maybe 1 prt., to 3 prts moisturiser. Tried it, as I would a small amount of KCCC, under gel,very moisturising.But definately not as curl enhancing on my fine3/2 A hair,made it go a little limp.
3a/2a/spirals ultraF-i/ii,med/hi porosity,med/elasticity,colortreated/grey[LIST][*][U]Cowash[/C.J. daily fix,, Condish Peter Lamas volumizing(rice protein) mixed w CJ smoothing,orGiovanni 50/50,or Eulasense balanced moisture. Leaveins,KCKT,KomazaCalifia,GDLIStylers:FSG,*, KCCC&BRHG, CJ CIAB.mixed w Pattern Pusha.FOTE on dry. SOTC :1 drop meadowfoam oil.DT:biolageCB or curl rehab over megatek,CJ repair me.