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Right now my big problem is hair coming out in what i consider to be clumps when i detangle wet. I can literally just pull my hair out of my head. I don't really comb it in between washes so i'm wondeing if the amount i loose is normal - about a medium size handful at a time.

Any thoughts?
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It could be a combination of not combing regularly and your moisture vs protein balance. Does the hair have a lil bulb at one end?

I've found amla treatments and alternating between a moisturising conditioner and a protein conditioner for cowashing has helped my shedding. I only comb on wash days also, with conditioner in my hair. It could be that your hair can't take the wet combing?
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Yessssssss!!!! I have loads of little bulbs of hair at the ends. What is that?????? Why is that????

I have read in other forums that cleansing and/or DT with garlic stops the shedding. I found a garlic shampoo on Amazon but its in the US and i don't feel like paying the postage, additionally i'm just not that keen on rubbing garlic +olive oil in my hair for a DT, no matter how much I'm shedding LOL!!!

Lyoness, my hair is supa dupa protein sensitive,so i dunno if alternating with a protein treatment is a good idea... Alma, i used to use it, but it left bits in my hair nd made my scalp itch....what do you do?
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The bulb means is shedding rather than breakage, this thread is a bit of a read but there is alot of info. There's a little test to help you figure out how to react to your hair. There are varying degrees of how heavy a protein is so bare that in mind when you do pick a protein treatment. I tend to mix amla to the consistency of mashed potato and leave it to sit awhile before I apply it. when I apply it I only apply it to the strands. Amla and henna have helped me with shedding but everyone is different.

Garlic tablets might help if you don't fancy paying those charges? I had a quick google try this thread and this thread also for what others have tried. I know you said you don't want to rub/dc with it but it seems to help.

Hopefully someone else will help too!

oh p.s I got my amla etc from spices of india in case you're in need